Key Features

Edge is a managed IT service with higher levels of sophistication and reliability. It can complement your existing system to manage specific operational tasks or manage all of your IT. Either way the Edge combines revolutionary software, next generation security and world-leading server technology that unifies systems to give you more control and certainty of your business. It creates a safe and reliable application hosting platform for intelligent solutions that provide more relevant, timely and focused information to make better decisions.

Edge fits directly into your server rack and removes the need for you to own and maintain your core IT – simply pay monthly for what you need and get a level of sophistication rarely found in small and medium sized businesses.

What's in the box

  • Unified threat management Based on Sophos XG firewall (basic or advanced)
  • Wi-Fi management Allowing you to configure and manage private and public networks, using Sophos access points
  • Identity management User and role management using either active directory or Azure active directory as a source of identity, or using Workplace Hub itself to maintain identities
  • Active directory integration Compatible with AD 2012, 2016 and Azure active directory
  • Backup To cloud or local storage
  • Remote management Fully managed by Konica Minolta
  • Konica Minolta MarketPlace To purchase applications or for license management
  • File sharing With the ability to upload and share files internally or to SMB drives and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Remote access (VPN/4G) Provides VPN connectivity for Konica Minolta services only
  • Virtualization layer Allows you to install Windows servers, and provides support for remote access to virtual machines
  • Browser support For Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Certifications GDPR compliant
  • Workplace Go Compatible with Asana, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Outlook 2016 and OneDrive.