A quiet revolution in people power

Workplace Hub is technology empowering people – to create, collaborate and deliver more

Work as it should be

Workplace Hub redefines work and the workplace. It's an intelligent technology built around people and businesses that makes efficient and effective collaboration a simple and intuitive task.

Intelligent technology built around you

Workplace Hub connects people, places and devices. It learns and fits to you, giving you the power, freedom and efficiency to work as you want. So you can forget about your IT and focus on growing your business, or focus on using your technology to gain competitive advantage.

A better way to work

Workplace Hub combines leading hardware, software, security, and a full suite of services. It means there's one standardized way to manage your IT, with one contract and one point of contact to resolve all your IT issues. It gives you more control and enables you to reduce your total IT spend.

Unlocking your potential

Workplace Hub gives you the IT capability of a far bigger company and freedom of a start-up. It unifies systems, removes repetitive tasks and enhances standards. It ends unwelcome IT distractions. It helps you work smarter, and the seamless integration of new intelligent technologies, ensure you're always performing at your best.


Workplace Hub is a revolutionary IT solution that creates the infrastructure for the future by empowering your current technology. Use it to boost all or part of your operational capability with a solution that grows with you, so you can forget about your IT today and focus on developing your business for tomorrow.

Safeguarding your business

“After frequent virus attacks, our previous IT system was rendered obsolete. We chose Konica Minolta’s all-in-one IT solution Workplace Hub for its world-leading security and proactively managed IT services. When we were hit by a further cyber-attack, it was resolved quickly without loss of data or any disruption to work. Finally, we can focus on our business again!” - Vincent Mondet, CEO, ADP Laboratoire

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