Making the inconceivable a reality

With Workplace Hub, we are aiming to do something completely new in this industry. Rewriting what we are, what the industry is, and what we can do for our customers. Watch our video to see the thinking involved, and meet the inventors of this revolution.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of digital innovation to deliver better business and a better world for everyone. It's why we focus on giving shape to ideas that create new value for people and society. We use our material, imaging, optical and nano-fabrication expertise to create technologies that work with people to help them perform better.

Enduring Innovations

Understanding the world with greater precision and clarity is at the heart of what we do. From Japan's first camera, to NASA's first venture into space, or our ground-breaking advancement towards pin-pointing and personalising cancer treatment. Workplace Hub is just the latest chapter in an unfolding story of creating greater value.

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Business Innovation Centres (BIC)

Innovation demands the right conditions. We have five Business Innovation Centers (BICs) worldwide, dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of what people and businesses need, and driving the development of products that will make a difference. The BICs thrive on collaboration, bringing together a whole range of fields spanning business and academia.

Research and Development

To stay at the forefront of innovation we invest continually in research and development. Our laboratories (including Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe) provide the talent and resources necessary to turn ideas into products that can bring real benefits to our working environment. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the internet of things are among our key research areas.

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