Do you know the 4Rs of cyber security? Get your free toolkit today

Do you know the 4Rs of cyber security?


Confused about how to defend your small business? Or don’t know if the security tools you have are giving you what you need to adequately protect your data in 2019? 

Well let us introduce you to the 4R’s of cyber security, the easy & simple guide to your future security decisions:

4 R’s of Cyber Security

And want to know what this means in practice? Go straight to our handy security toolkit (did we mention, it’s free?) and make sure your defence is ready.


4 Rs of Security - Reality

1. Reality

Unfortunately, with a hacker attack reportedly every 39 seconds, and cybercriminals estimates to steal 33 billion records in 2023, it’s a question of when, not if, that your business will be hit by some kind of cyber attack or security breach. The quicker you accept this and can become prepared for the worst, the better off you are in terms of defence.

4Rs of security - response

2. Response

How you manage your response to a cyber attack can have as much impact as the incident itself. Think about how prepared you are in terms of: 

  • How quickly the attack can be identified
  • How quickly you or your vendor can respond to the attack
  • What downtime means for your business
  • What downtime means for your customers
  • Whether you have any back-ups, and where they are stored

Done right, an attack could potentially have benefit, such as resulting in a stronger relationship with both internal and external stakeholders if handled transparently. Done wrong, it could mean the end for many organisations or at a minimum, a loss of trust that may never be recovered.

4Rs of security - Resilience

3. Resilience

For the inevitable time that an attack does make its way into your business, it’s important to learn from it and be prepared for the next one.  This is your chance to eliminate the vulnerabilities in your business that have just been exposed – and therefore become a stronger opponent for hackers.

Let’s accept it, cybercriminals will continue to exist, and so it’s in the interest of your business to know how to protect and recover from digital attacks.

What does this mean in practice? Get yourself a handy security toolkit (have you seen ours – its free?) and make sure your defence is ready.

4Rs of security - Rehearse

4. Rehearse

Once you’ve built yourself an impenetrable armour of security solutions, is that it? Well, how certain are you that the change you’ve made actually mitigates the risk of an attack?

 The only way to know is to rehearse and stress test the solutions – and keep it a secret. There’s no point testing something when everyone is prepared and waiting for it. Keep your plans to a trusted few and, in a safe and secure environment, initiate an ‘attack’ and see how both your systems and employees respond.

 You should be testing the end-to-end process at once, and evaluate any flaws once the whole procedure is over.

 And then, you probably guessed it – its back to reality and seeing what needs to be changed. The 4Rs of cyber security are a never ending cycle, but luckily once you have the basics down, the rewards can be monumental.


4rs of security

Free Security Toolkit for small businesses

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