AI is reshaping our relationship with technology

Machine intelligence has the potential to seep into almost every aspect of our lives. Technology that learns from your life can be used to great effect – so it’s worth imagining how you’ll interact with all the new gadgets that’ll be designed to help you get more done and provide extra time to do what you really want.

The addition of machine intelligence to big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality and others yet to be invented will disrupt our device-centric and even Internet-centric expectations.

Perhaps the biggest disruption will be in how we view and interact with technology at the most basic level: rather than interacting with intelligent devices, we will experience machine intelligence that follows us through every digital interaction we have, up to and including the Internet. Says Dennis Curry, “We will move from a URL-based Internet to a federated semiautonomous intelligence that will learn independently.”