Building the cognitive workplace

Incremental discoveries, made one by one by scientists all over the globe are all well and good – but the true benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence will flourish when disparate elements work together. It’s time we take a step back and solve problems with the bigger picture firmly in mind.

Speed through the hype and discover real value

The history of Konica Minolta dates to 1873, when Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials in Tokyo, but the company has long since stopped selling cameras. Today, Konica Minolta focuses on information management for enterprise. One particular area of focus at the company is the Internet of Things (IoT), but Dennis Curry, Senior Director of Business Innovation and R&D, Europe, is no fan of the hype. He argues that it “is so loud in fact that it’s in danger of distracting us from [IoT’s] real potential: to build intuitive associations in disparate and highly complex data.”

Leverage the strength of unified technologies

Dr Dennis Curry believes that while data scientists can build discrete bits of analytics that can be useful, what’s really important is to leverage the parts that need to come into place. Rather than focusing on the many and various discrete tasks that AI can solve, he argues that the real value of IoT and AI will stem from a unified platform that is integrated, can learn and adapt, and that can enable organizations to make higher-level decisions.

We’ll get there, but it might take 20 years

This is not something that will happen quickly. Curry believes that true unified capabilities will take more than 20 years and will happen on a global level. IoT, he believes, will be the first way AI-inspired intelligence will interface with the global world. In the future, he says, “Algorithms will become a commodity. The real value of artificial intelligence and IoT is in a federated connected environment.”

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