Christian Mastrodonato Named as a Leading Influencer within the Technology Industry

The Chief Technologist for disruptive IT offering Workplace Hub joins an elite roster of young professionals recognised for their contribution to innovation.

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist for Workplace Hub, has been named one of the ‘Young Influencers’ of the year by The Cannata Report, a leading intelligence resource within the business technology and managed services industry.

The Young Influencers for 2018
The Young Influencers for 2018. Source:

In the fifth year of its initiative, the Young Influencers award is designed to highlight young people performing critical roles within the business technology, managed services, and imaging industry.  For 2018, The Cannata Report chose six leading professionals who, in their own individual ways, defy traditional stereotypes and look to continuously innovate in their chosen career paths.

Mastrodonato, who first joined Konica Minolta in 2014 for the inaugural Business Innovation Centre in Europe, was recognised as a trail-blazer who is committed to realising a dynamic future through his work. His enthusiasm for innovation is clear when following his career path: prior to joining Konica Minolta he has led different strategic, engineering and research programmes applying Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies across a selection of industrial sectors, such as Aerospace, Construction, Energy, Healthcare and Smart Cities.

His most current role, overseeing the overall technical architecture strategy, solution design and development processes for Workplace Hub, the new disruptive IT category from Konica Minolta, is perhaps the best example of his hard work. Providing an intelligent operating system to help organisations orchestrate their physical and digital resources, and enable IT administrators to make more insightful and effective decisions, Workplace Hub is a clear demonstration of using digital natives like Mastrodonato to create the flexible solutions the workplace of the future demands.

“It’s rewarding because we actually have an opportunity to make an impact,” says Mastrodonato in his interview, “We’re creating an ecosystem around analytics, internet of things, artificial intelligence. This is just the beginning from a technology standpoint, and this is where the real fun starts.” 

Dennis Curry, Deputy CTO & Technology Fellow, adds, “Within our Global R&D team, we continuously look for individuals who can push boundaries and think differently, as we know that to ultimately become a leading IT services and IoT provider we must challenge our perceptions of the industry norm. Christian is one of many talented colleagues within our business, and we’re delighted that his perseverance in driving innovation to solve our customers’ needs has been recognised in this way”.

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