Cognitive Hub: the Operating System for the Workplace of the Future

At Konica Minolta, we’re exploring ways to develop a type of operating system that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), that can orchestrate several OSs and that is capable of managing complexity to help people and organisations to derive greater benefit from their data and resources. 

We all have been taught the idea that “the simpler, the better”. Today, however, complexity plays a fundamental role in all our lives at home and at work: an effective orchestration of all of the data and resources at our fingertips promises to provide us with information that is more than ever immediate, accurate, coordinated and actionable.

Although not fully realized, a form of this data orchestration has already happened. For many years after it was first invented the modern computer was only able to perform one task at a time. However, following the introduction of multi-tasking operating systems (OSs), computers have been able to manage and schedule a number of activities, improving their performances enormously on the basis of logical rules defined to optimise their resources. Today, the same kind of OSs are present in all the connected devices that are part of our digital and cyber physical worlds, becoming key entry points for the management of our businesses and lives.

“At Konica Minolta we’re exploring ways to develop an AI based operating system that will support us in managing complexity and benefit from it.” 

There are several challenges to be overcome in order to achieve this new type of Cognitive operating system. The risk is that the current solutions focus only on AI algorithms and platforms for specific applications in the short term, while missing the bigger picture in the longer term. AI based OSs will need to act as cognitive/AI integrators and augment what will be a growing commoditisation of algorithms. A more holistic, longer term view of AI services will enable us to move from consuming information towards managing it by augmenting our intelligence and improving our decision-making processes. Such AI based OSs will emerge from systems that will learn from our own intuition and emotional intelligence. 

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