How to improve your productivity with technology

It’s difficult to think of a situation where you don’t use technology at work nowadays – whether it be the ways you connect with others, share documents and ideas, or use a tool to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

Workplace-enabled solutions have evolved at a meteoric pace over the last few years, with significant strides being made in collaboration tech, video, and mobile technology. But with so much choice, comes FOMO and indecision.

So let us help you streamline your focus, by sharing three ways that you can make sure you’re using the right technology to maximize your productivity at work.



Do you ever find yourself going from needless office meeting to needless office meeting?  And that actually it could have just been handled via a call or some back-and-forth over email?

We get it, we’re all time-deprived and spending time stuck in a room with everyone there just to be polite is not a good use of you as a resource.  But joining by phone and trying to clear your emails or finish that document at the same time is even worse, as you’re not giving your full attention to anything.

So how do you still take part in meetings (they’re not going anywhere just yet) without hindering your productivity? Well, why don’t you flip the concept on its head?

Be truly present in a meeting, whilst being where you want and need to be. Don’t feel tied to coming to the office, but also don’t suffer by being on the end of a crackly phone line.

How? Video conferencing. Being able to read body language and non-verbal communication is crucial to effective collaboration, but who says it has to be face-to-face?

With today’s video conferencing solutions employees, whether they work from another location, work from home, or on the road, can feel more engaged during a meeting, as the video allows them to be present and therefore truly participative.

Whilst this isn’t a ground-breaking concept, many businesses (maybe even yours) haven’t fully embraced mobile video conferencing, which can easily be accessed through mobile apps like Cisco WebEx or Jabber.

Sometimes the easiest change can have the biggest impact – why don’t you try it and let us know at @KM_Spotlight if it worked for you?



Full disclosure: depending on your business’ line of work, this can be a tricky one and needs to part of a security plan. But the tiny yet mighty mobile phone or tablet holds so much potential, and we bet you’re not making the most out of it. Instead of just accessing emails or fielding calls, why not allow access to your corporate network from your mobile device?

This would give you on-the-go access to all your files and documents, saving you time and worry when you think you don’t have the latest version downloaded. And it means you can finally stop using those unofficial and definitely not secure (see Shadow IT for more info) file sharing methods like Google Drive or DropBox…

SharePoint Online can solve this problem for most organizations, and overall, it works as a great productivity booster for your team.


Co-authoring features are commonly associated with SharePoint and Google Docs, so it’s nothing new – but are you using them? Document collaboration tools allow multiple people to work on and edit the same file at the same time.

The benefits of this? This is an obvious time saver and can also greatly help improve the quality of documents when working on a tight schedule, as people who are reviewing the document don’t have to wait for someone else to finish.

But the tools can also be used for both structured activities and brainstorming, and provide a central record of everything done to date / the project’s progress in accordance with a goal or timeline. And since digital document sharing can be done anywhere and at any time, teams have more flexibility to contribute.

Most collaboration tools also have instant communication methods to alert the team when work is taking place, and invites them to review it. So you no longer have to wait around for someone to email you when they’re done, or for them to unlock the document – you can just jump right in there when inspiration strikes!

These three technology-based productivity tips are simple, yet effective. Give them a go and let us know if you find significant benefits when it comes to time-saving, collaboration, and overall productivity.

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