How to successfully enable your mobile workforce

It’s what you do, not where you are. As a physical presence in an office becomes less critical to being able to work, businesses are reimagining the workplace at the same time as employees’ expectations are changing.

We know navigating this evolution of systems, technology and services can feel like an ongoing maze sometimes – but we’re here to help guide you through and make sure your business is set up for success.

According to a recent report by Deloitte, the standard 9-5 workforce is no longer the norm. Now, businesses are expected to flex to a mixture of full-time, part-time, contingent, freelance, gig and crowd-sourced work models to create working environments that foster greater creativity, efficiency, and freedom.

It makes sense on both sides – on-demand work can provide flexibility for businesses as contracts come and go, and workers can experience varied projects and define their roles, hours and location.

But for many, this change can feel like a daunting jump into the unknown, accompanied only by a lack of stability and consistency. The good news though, is that advances in technology have given these alternative working models a parachute of viability.


Successful mobility relies on a complete ecosystem of services and products, as it’s not only the location that’s no longer fixed, but also the time. So applications as a service (commonly referred to as IaaS or PaaS) in the form of monitoring and management are vital, in order to make sure that mobile systems are up and running at any time so they can be accessed 24/7.

These services, which can also be combined with hybrid cloud solutions, are designed to substantially reduce the workload for internal departments. This is particularly true for IT teams, as instead of having to focus their efforts on the monitoring and maintenance of servers and switches, can turn their attention to shaping the digital future of their companies and assisting colleagues when they need help. You can read more on how to maximise your business’ mobile productivity here.


Data loss can have substantial consequences on businesses today and risks taking you to the brink of bankruptcy. With a mobile workforce, data is generated by remote devices at different locations, so make sure backup and recovery services are set-up to ensure that no data is lost in transmission.

Today’s “always on” society also opens up many possibilities for data, accounts, and information to be accessed illegally – so build in those protective measures such as encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to reduce the risk. Find out more about security risks to prepare for here.


With a host of solutions available spanning Information Management, Managed IT Services and Business Process Services, we’re here to be your trusted advisor and support you with the underlying systems required to enable remote work and flexible collaboration.

We aim to tailor each solution to your needs and requirements – we’re happy to work with established systems and build a package that works for you. And don’t worry, you only have to deal with one point of contact no matter how many different systems and solutions you have that need managing.