Introducing the business archetypes of the future

At Konica Minolta we are obsessed with the Workplace of the Future™. 

As part of our digital transformation journey, our global R&D programme is dedicated to the creation of IT solutions for SMB’s that simplify the way IT works for them, not against them. Providing hardware, software and technologies that enable business owners to worry less about their IT infrastructure, and free up time and resources to focus on the things that matter most: business growth and development.

Over the last few years, the pace of technological change in the global economy has accelerated. All businesses - large or small - need to evolve, adapt and adopt new ways of working in order to thrive; and as part of our commitment to helping companies futureproof their business, we commissioned leading research and insights company Raconteur to help us define a new taxonomy for the workplace.

Having interviewed over 1000 CEOs and Managing Directors we are today revealing the new archetypes of work that we are seeing emerge around the world.

The study asked business leaders around the world how they expect their organizations to operate in the future across three core dimensions: People, Spaces and Practices. The findings enabled us to define eight archetypes of future work:

PLEXUS Businesses

People-centric, Connected & Dynamic

RUBIX Businesses

People-centric, Connected & Linear

LOCUS Businesses

People-centric, Rooted & Dynamic


People-centric, Rooted, Linear

ALLIANCE Businesses

Functional, Connected & Dynamic

SYMBIOTIC Businesses

Functional & Rooted & Dynamic

HIVEX Businesses

Functional, Rooted & Linear

SIGMA Businesses

Functional, Connected & Linear

As new paradigms of work emerge, new organizational structures and approaches to work are required to allow businesses to succeed in the global marketplace, and we hope that the archetypes allow business leaders around the world to better understand the way they operate, how they operate, and where they operate. 

To help businesses identify which archetype best reflects them, we will be profiling each of the eight over the coming days and weeks.

Discover which archetype best matches your business here.