Konica Minolta Receives Grand Prize in NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018

News release: Technology giant wins accolade recognizing future leaders; highlights excellence in Human Resources, Innovation, Marketing and Management.

Tokyo (February 02, 2018) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) was recently awarded the Grand Prize in the NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018. 

The NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018 are designed to recognize excellent companies that can serve as future leaders. Based on the results of the first NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey, which Nikkei Inc. started in 2017, 602 companies were comprehensively evaluated by an external jury in order to decide the award winners.

 The NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey examines four key areas across companies: corporate competence in Human Resources, Innovation, and Marketing, plus Management Fundamentals, which are deemed to be critical for sustainable corporate development. Within these areas, companies were evaluated based on 18 indicators drawn from the results of company surveys, consumer surveys, and publicly available data.

Smart Work Management is defined as a management strategy for making optimal use of human resources by introducing diverse and flexible workstyles, encouraging innovation, and creating a virtuous cycle of continuously developing new markets, thereby maximizing the productivity and other performance parameters of the organization.

As a result of this evaluation, the Grand Prize was awarded to Konica Minolta. In accordance with its corporate strategy, SHINKA 2019, Konica Minolta has been striving to transform itself in order to offer products and services from its customers’ viewpoint, and places innovation at the core of its operations for sustainable corporate growth. Under this strategy, the leading technology company is accelerating efforts to evolve into a platform-led, IoT business, providing holistic customer solutions across a growing ecosystem.

 Winning the Grand Prize indicates that Konica Minolta’s actions are aligned with the concept of Smart Work Management, and the company is delighted to receive this recognition of its efforts. Further details of the actions Konica Minolta takes as a leading employer can be found below.

 1. Advancing Personnel Diversity to Drive Innovation

Recognizing that diversity in employees is the source of innovation, Konica Minolta is rapidly reforming workstyles and creating a corporate culture in which members with diverse backgrounds can use their skills to the fullest.

Evaluation indicator

Actions taken by Konica Minolta

Implementation and use of technology

  • Effectively sharing knowledge via cutting-edge systems, and improving human work efficiency by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Building a security-focused remote-work environment covering all members of the company

Promotion of diversity

  • Encouraging mid-career and international recruiting
  • Hiring diverse personnel and acquiring technologies by facilitating M&A

Diverse and flexible workstyles    

  • Permitting members to take on a second job or work concurrently, and introducing the Job Return System to encourage members to apply their external work experience to their work at Konica Minolta

Investment in human resources

  • Implementing a short-term overseas training program for young members


2. Encouraging Innovation for Sustainable Business Growth

Konica Minolta is encouraging innovation in all aspects of its transformation into a customer-centric company, by raising the level of its digital imaging technologies and acquiring new technologies through M&A to combine with IoT and AI.

Evaluation indicator

Actions taken by Konica Minolta

Development of new business

  • Opening Business Innovation Centers (BIC) in five locations around the world to develop and offer new businesses tailored to local needs and markets

Structure for promoting innovation

  • Educating members on the ‘KM-Way’ methodology, which specifies the concept, process and mechanisms for promoting digital innovation, and applying the methodology
  • Implementing the TRANSFORM AWARD program to share best practices in transformation efforts

Collaboration with external parties

  • Opening Konica Minolta Hachioji SKT, R&D labs for collaboration with external organizations


3. Developing Markets by Offering New Value

Konica Minolta is striving to create new value to contribute to the evolution of business and society under SHINKA 2019, its medium-term business plan for sustainable growth.

Evaluation indicator

Actions taken by Konica Minolta

Implementation and use of technology

  • Promoting the implementation of digital marketing as a management policy

Brand prowess

  • Posting centralized information on the top pages of Konica Minolta’s websites in 104 countries around the world
  • Placing advertisements globally on unified themes, such as new business

Market expansion

  • Introducing the design-thinking principle to continue to create valuable society- and human-centric concepts


4. Management Base Highly Recognized for ESG

Konica Minolta is actively promoting various measures to become a world leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

Evaluation indicator

Actions taken by Konica Minolta

Comprehensive evaluation of governance, social contribution and information disclosure

  • Adopting the system of a company with a nominating committee, etc. since 2003
  • Designating environment and social innovation as priority issues, and promoting efforts to solve social problems while ensuring business growth to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • Providing information to investors through briefings on ESG efforts and actively disclosing information on the IR website.

Encouraged by winning the Grand Prize, Konica Minolta remains committed to innovation to become a company that continues to create new value to advance business and human society.

Further details on the NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey and evaluation indicators can be found at