ScienceLogic Helps Power Workplace Hub

Last week, we showcased the Workplace Hub platform to 7,000+ IT professionals at HPE Discover in Madrid, and announced that we had joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Partner Programme. We are now delighted to also announce our partnership with ScienceLogic, helping support our digital transformation to become a leading IT Services provider. 

Workplace Hub acts as the central IT ecosystem for any organization; unifying hardware, software, and a full suite of services. With the flexibility to choose the level of support, service, and security for an organization, the platform allows for simple management and optimization of systems.

As one can imagine, there are possible challenges with managing, monitoring, and providing near real-time service assurance to numerous applications and Workplace Hubs around the world at once. Any potential down-time or poor performance can equate to lost revenue, and potentially lost customers. And that is why ScienceLogic sits at the heart of the Workplace Hub platform, to ensure this is not the case.

How Does ScienceLogic support the Workplace Hub?

It’s paramount that the service assurance platform be able to deal with constant change (from both a scale perspective and the ability to automatically monitor and discover business critical applications). 

ScienceLogic forms the backbone of the service assurance layer, which is part of Workplace Hub’s Application Performance and Integrity Management service or APIM. The ScienceLogic platform works in harmony with other management tools to provide an end-to-end service health view from the time a Workplace Hub is provisioned to when a new service is enabled or retired.

On each Workplace Hub, lives a set of micro-services. For example, there could be an e-mail service, a file server service, or an API connection service for integration with one or more cloud-based applications. Each of these services are spun up or down based on customer requirements. These services can be integrated with existing on-premise services, cloud services, or hybrid IT services.

In each service container, a ScienceLogic agent runs and continuously monitors the health of each application service and the underlying Workplace Hub compute infrastructure. Each agent self-discovers what is running and phones home automatically. Agent configuration and updates occur near real-time and can be customized on a per agent level. Agent monitoring is fine-grained and can be configured to zero in on monitoring a specific application or only return specific metrics/log messages. Service assurance can be dialled down or up to meet SLAs and operational cost envelope requirements.

Why ScienceLogic?

It comes down to the fact that ScienceLogic has lightweight, real-time agents for high fidelity service edge assurance of each hub, and hub service backed by a scale-out data lake. Their patented, miss nothing technology provides the high level of proactive service assurance that we mandate for our customers.

The extensible ScienceLogic platform offers:

  • Application intelligence – discover and provide forensic level performance telemetry and connectivity
  • Support for a broad diversity of applications and application languages – Ruby and PHP to Java, .NET, Python, and many more
  • Multi-tenant and hybrid cloud support – manage any cloud anywhere with the ability to support chargeback and adaptable management SLAs
  • Advanced event correlation engine and integrated event driven automation engine for enabling hands-off issue remediation
  • Big data backend support for web scale support (one million applications and ten thousand Workplace hubs)
  • Data lake integration for AI/ML analytics – smart automation and cognitive services
  • API for workflow automation, custom dashboards/reporting, and headless operations

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