Spotlight On Dabble Time

Our generation lives in an idea economy, where fresh thinking and new ideas form the currency of the day. With competitive marketplaces that are becoming more crowded by the minute, only the most innovative companies will be able to survive. So how does your company foster and champion great ideas?

Schedule in some ‘dabble time’

Big companies are recognizing the importance of scheduled down time, or ‘dabble time’ that enables employees to slow down their logical mind and fire up their imaginations instead. ‘Dabble time’ is officially scheduled into the diaries of employees at companies like Google and Gore-Tex, where people are encouraged to exercise their imaginations by reading, drawing, daydreaming and creating.

In addition to ‘dabble time’ it’s widely known that many people come up with their best ideas in the shower, or just after a nap, when our minds are most relaxed. For example, did you know that five of Elon Musk’s most revolutionary ideas occurred to him while showering? As for naps, Aristotle, Dali, Edison and Einstein are just a few people famous for plucking some of the greatest ideas of all time out of their dream-state.