The real value of AI is collaboration not competition

Nearly half of all office-based workers think artificial intelligence (AI) will never compete with humans when it comes to intangible tasks like creativity. That’s according to a global survey commissioned by Konica Minolta to better understand the future of work.

Let’s say they’re right. Is it true that for all its superiority at processing and number-crunching, a computer will never match us for imagination, inspiration or artistry?

Only time will tell. Last year, a Japanese AI program co-authored a novella that passed the first round of screening for a national literary prize. Ultimately, the book fell short of top prize because of poor characterisation – in other words, the ‘author’ didn’t bring enough humanity to the story. But will its sequel be a best seller? Could the next Stephen King be a coder who flunked high school?

 Chef Watson, IBM’s cookery app, is designed to inspire users to be more inventive and resourceful in the kitchen. This digital gourmet comes equipped with thousands of recipes, a crash course in psychophysics and some powerful algorithms. You simply plug in the ingredients and your mood, and it spits out the perfect flavour combinations. Rather than undermine you at the stove, its #cognitivecooking aims to lift you to a higher creative plane. Some find it useful, others are happier to trust their own taste buds. But how long before you press a button on the app and your food processor ‘prints’ the dish for you?

 Launched following Konica Minolta’s recent Spotlight Live event, our global survey of 11,000 consumers, undertaken by YouGov, shows that 37% are concerned about the possibility of emerging technologies, like AI or robotics, replacing them or their colleagues. Of course, it’s worth noting that plenty of those surveyed were less worried, including the 45% who expect AI to compete with us on creativity at some point in the future. 

YouGov Survey Results 

Workplace Hub’s Team Space

Is this all cause for comfort or dismay? At Konica Minolta, we think the answer is neither. The purpose of our survey wasn’t to spread panic with a dystopian vision of the future in which robots are taking over our jobs. That’s for the moviemakers. We wanted to learn what was on our customers’ minds, because we believe the real value of AI comes in collaboration, not competition. 

Our new Workplace Hub provides an intuitive interface called Team Space designed to enhance collaboration for people the world over. By putting all your business systems in one place, coupled with new AI advances, it puts you in control of your business.

Integrating seamlessly with packages such as Microsoft Office, Team Spaces are interactive repositories where colleagues can seamlessly collect, share and access information. Team Space encourages collaboration across all devices, and platforms, wherever you are worldwide.

With Workplace Hub, new technology doesn’t compete with your creativity. It sets your imagination free.

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