You vs the IT Department - who's right?

How many times have you complained about your 'IT guy' not helping you fast enough? 

Over 40% of small business owners told us that the time required to fix their technology problems is the most significant challenge for their growth. 

We all know that technology is a great enabler for the workplace, but it also brings a whole haul of frustrations with it. 

And sometimes, the perceived poor IT experience you have can result in relationship struggles in the real world. After all - we're all pretty much addicted to our various phones, tablets, digital assistants now, right?

The challenge is - yours isnt the only view. Why don't we take a step back and look at three common business scenarios, but this time examined from both the perspective of the employee and the point of view of the person in charge of managing your IT.

You might just find that switching your perspective can enhance your productivity...

Scenario #1: Nothing's loading! Why is the internet so slow?

The Employee: One of the most common frustrations for an employee is a slow connection to the internet. If you're particularly time-poor, you may even be acutely aware of certain times of the day where the internet appears to operate at sloth-like speed - and yet complaints to your IT team are only answered with “I’ll look into it.”

The IT Guy: Without naming names, system administrators are all too aware that everything slows down around lunch time and the end of the day...because certain employees are watching cat videos on YouTube. The problem here is bandwidth, where too many simultaneous people using the internet at the same time can cause slowness issues. And you know what, this problem may not even be controllable - it could be the network connection to your building is simply maxed out.

Scenario #2: Shadow IT - Why can't I download whatever I want?

The IT Guy: Shadow IT (when employees go rogue and use non-sanctioned devices or applications for work purposes) causes huge headaches for anyone tasked in charge of IT security. Unapproved apps, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, can result in data breaches or other security policy violations - but employees don't openly share what software they're unofficially using, so the IT Guy can't even control it until it's too late.

The Employee: “What? I just wanted to get my work done!” Shadow IT often emerges because employees simply cannot wait for IT to authorise a new solution for a developing need - or they didn’t even know that they were doing anything wrong! With tons of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications available on the internet, it is hard for an employee to not find an easy to use solution for their technology needs.

Scenario #3: Hello, are you there? The Ignored Support Request

The Employee: Employees often complain about their calls for help taking too long to get resolved. Whether it be a simple password reset, or a more complicated computing issue that is hindering their productivity, hitting a wall when requesting IT help can definitely put a strain on your business.

The IT Guy: Unresolved support requests can often be a window to your business' general approach to technology. Do you have enough IT resources? (Probably not). Is support a priority for the owners? (Not if they get seen to first). Many times when you are angry at your IT Guy, the issues are likely coming from above them, not within.

So, how does this help me?

If you take one thing away from this quick read, make it this: Having a solid relationship between employees and IT is critical for productivity.

Businesses, no matter how small or large, need to make sure that the IT team is properly funded and organized in a way that can truly help each and every employee, and employees need to make sure to work with IT, not around it. 

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